Thailand Rocket Festival = Party, Parade, & Rockets

It rocks and rattles you like no other... and they are all hand made. It may look strange in text but there is no way of describing what you will experience at the Thailand Rocket Festival without being there in person. Every year; in the sixth lunar month (usually May), the kind and genuine people of Yasothon in northeastern Thailand hold a debt consolidation companies party and parade for their festival called Bun Bang Fai. We call it the "Thailand Rocket Festival". It is an unusual blend of pleasing the gods and the celebration of the year.

Jim says Paasshhhhooo...

The first time I was told about the Thailand Rocket Festival I was sceptical. I attended and then I was hooked. Now I will go back every year that they will have me to experience Bun Bang Fai and the lovely people of Yasothon.end quotation

Why Rockets?

Originally the rockets were made out of natural materials, but these days, they are slightly more sophisticated. They are built specifically for the Thailand rocket festival and are packed with several kilos of gunpowder. Some weigh as much as 350 pounds now, though most Bun Bang Fai rockets fit into the 100 kilo (220 pound) range.

To make the Thailand rocket festival more fun, various competitions for the longest flight time or the best flight/landing combo are held. They are all conducted with the undying spirit of 'sanook'. If your rocket does not make a perfect flight you may get muddy... but most just jump in the mud themselves...

Legend has it that once the rain god named Vassakan loved to be worshipped with fire. And the Thailand rocket festival rockets produce FIRE. The townspeople created the 'Bun Bang Fai' to send to into space, where the gods reside. They believed that the gods would hear their launches and bless them with plentiful rain for rice cultivation.